To the Reader

Good Churches is a non-profit ministry fueled by the cooperation of U.S. churches aimed at backing a fully-vetted, financially efficient, church-based, indigenous pastor-training program with a proven track record located in a part of the world with overwhelming spiritual need, few resources, and governmental opposition.

Our approach is not for everyone. It’s for those who rejoice upon hearing of gospel progress, question the reliability of some of the numbers claimed by church planters, and yet believe that the local church is the means by which the Great Commision will be fulfilled. It’s for those who have ever asked, “What really happened to our missions dollars?” but still desire to give generously. It’s for those who want more than glossy photos and another “ask” for a year-end report, but are willing to look at spreadsheets and even account for setbacks when they happen. It’s for those who aren’t hooked on speed, but persevere through steady progress, much like they see in their own families and churches.  In short, it’s for those who want to back biblically faithful, accountable, and effective church planting efforts in the most needy and strategic locations. So do we. That’s why we started this effort.

We do not publicly identify the people we support or even the region they work in because they are located in a place where persecution is the most severe and gospel activity most monitored–what missions agencies call Tier-1 countries. We do not even identify ourselves, Americans, in order to make our travel for teaching and site visits less risky for those we support. And that means you’ll need to trust the friend who directed you to this website as well as those who publicly endorse our work (see below). That said, we don’t want to remain anonymous. Far from it. We care about who is giving to this effort and aim to know and communicate with each of our partners. We welcome the opportunity to meet in person, by phone, or even a video call. That way you can learn more about our mission and we can learn more about yours. 

Think about this: Good churches. It’s what we all want. It’s what the Unreached need.

Reach out and let's see if the Lord would have us partner together. 

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